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El Oro Parakeet Breeding Season 


Golden-plumed Parakeet  


White -breasted Parakeet

Scarlet Macaw

Paleheaded Brush - Finch 

Jocotoco Antpitta

Chestnut - crowned Antipitta

Ondulated Antpitta

Andean Solitaire

 Esmeraldas Woodstar

Esmeraldas Woodstar, adult male display

Esmeraldas Woodstar Male display

Esmeraldas Woodstar, adult female feeding chick in nest
Esmeraldas Woodstar, 1st time out of nest, 1 st mother feeding outside the nest fledgling

just left nest, first time feeding outside of nest

Loja Hummingbird

Western Emerald

Collared Inca

Black - tailed Trainbearer

Sparkling Violetear

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